Golden Touch

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Mimicking the movement and feel of a match ball, the Golden Touch builds technique, touch and control while maintaining the weight of a regulation-sized ball. It’s also a great coaching tool to incorporate into multiple aspects of training. 

•Develops technique and ball control by focusing on smaller target during training

•Official size 3 ball with official size 5 weight mimics the bounce, roll and reaction of a match ball

•Improves all phases of the game, including dribbling, shooting, passing and receiving both short passes and driven balls

•Perfect tool for coaches and individual training on the pitch or at home

•Help goal keepers improve reaction time and body position during saves by tracking and catching a smaller ball


High school youth dribbling SKLZ Golden Touch training soccer ball in the field
Improve Coordination
Designed to help soccer players improve their passing, ball control and overall touch. Add power, accuracy and confidence on the field with this must-have, versatile soccer training ball that goes anywhere you practice.
Youth team training with the SKLZ Golden Touch soccer ball on the field
Focused Training
Help soccer players increase their ball control and technique by focusing on a smaller target during training sessions and soccer practices.
Young man kicks SKLZ Golden Touch soccer ball to a team mate on the soccer field
Size 5 Weight
Official size 3 soccer ball with official size 5 weight. Combine the benefits of soccer training with a smaller ball with the feedback and movement of a match soccer ball.