Pro Mini Hoop XL

Price: $39.99
SKU: 0450

The Pro Mini Hoop XL offers the same quality and features as the original Pro Mini Hoop but with a larger backboard for more serious indoor competition. Its durable polycarbonate backboard and break- away steel rim are great for slammin' and the professional look is appropriate for the home, office or dorm. 

•23"" x 16"" clear polycarbonate shatter-proof backboard

•9 1/2"" diameter spring-action ""break-away"" steel rim

•Foam-padded, slide-on door mounts

•Pro-style replica graphics

•Heavy- duty 8- loop, 3- ply nylon net

•5 1/2"" diameter mini basketball (air pump not included)

Game on. Just like the real thing.
The Pro Mini Hoop isn’t just similar to real hoops, it’s got the same soul. Listen closely and you can hear the heavy-duty net swish when you hit nothing but the bottom of the net. And its pro-style replica graphics give it the look of a winner.
Go Hard at Home
With the quick assembly and easy mounting of the Pro Mini Hoop, you can ball any time the impulse strikes you. Practice your shot or challenge friends – just depends on how much game you have.
Dominate the Dorm Room
A dorm room is not a dorm room without a mini basketball hoop. With a break-away rim, clear shatter resistant backboard, and rubber mini-ball, the only damage done will be to your roommate's ego.