Putting Green

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  • Portable green putting mat 
  • Portable green putting mat 
  • Close up of portable green putting mat 
  • Man practicing putting using the SKLZ Putting Green.
  • Man practicing his putting using the SKLZ Putting Green indoor.

The compact Putting Green mat emulates a real green feel with a true-roll surface for enhanced putting practice. With this portable tool, you’ll be able to work on all aspects of your putting game anytime, anywhere. The aid features bunkers behind the holes for an additional challenge. Help build consistency, tempo, and follow-through with the portable Putting Green. Measures 8’ x 6” long by 3’ wide. 

•Simulate real putts. Slight upslope at the cup and true-roll surface emulates putting on actual greens up to eight and a half feet

•Challenge yourself. With three cups to choose from make your putting practice more challenging. Bunkers behind holes to catch missed putts

•Practice consistency to improve your putting stroke - squaring the face, tempo, and follow through

•True-roll surface simulates real green conditions with a similar stimp reading

•8 feet 6 inches long by 3 feet wide this indoor putting green fits in nearly anywhere