Launch Pad

Price: $39.99
SKU: 0053
  • Top view of golf hitting matt showing green turf and two metal tees on right top side 
  • Close up view of golf hitting matt with golf club behind golf ball on tee
  • Close up view of green turf featuring a golf ball on large tee 
  • Close up view of green turf featuring golf ball on small tee 
  • Front view of golf ball and tee sitting on top of practice golf mat 
  • Person using the SKLZ Launch Pad to practice chipping off the rough into the Quickster Chipping Net.
  • Man using the SKLZ Launch Pad to practice his golf swing.

The practice mat for anyone, anywhere. The Launch Pad multi-purpose golf mat lets you hit off the tee, on the fairway, or out of the rough. Practice tee shots to start every hole right, develop solid impact from the fairway, and learn to hit those tough shots out of the rough. 

•Perfect addition to home practice ranges 

•Mat can be used anywhere you can swing a club

•Clean fairway lies (.5 inch tall grass) or thicker rough lies (1.5 inch tall grass)

•2" tee for use with driver

•1" tee for use with fairway wood, hybrid club, and irons

•12" x 23.5" heavy-duty non-slip rubber hitting mat with realistic grass