Elite Mini Bands 3 Pack

Price: $24.99
SKU: 92109

The Elite Mini Bands are ideal for upper and lower body resistance training and effectively increase difficulty of standard exercise movements. The 12”x3” premium latex resistance bands were built for enhanced comfort and more durability. Designed to not pinch and pull skin so you can focus more on your workout.

Designed to add resistance to everyday workouts and movements with comfortabilityIdeal for upper and lower body resistance training
Large 12”x3” band is built with premium latex for enhanced comfort and durability
Helps develop strength and mobility by effectively increasing difficulty of standard exercise movements
Typically used for lateral movement exercises, hip and glute activation, and shoulder stabilization
Great for warming up and activating muscles for pre-workout or rehabilitation
Portable and versatile training tool that can be used anywhere
Bands are available in resistance levels of 12 lbs,18 lbs, and 24 lbs