Pro Knit Hip Band Heavy

Price: $19.99
SKU: 0363

The Pro Knit Hip Band assists in improving mobility, and strength for lower body resistance training using short stride movements. The thick bands are to be worn above the knees for glute, hamstring, and quad activating movements. Built with a durable, and comfortable stretch fabric so they won’t pinch skin, or slip during movements. After sweaty workouts, the bands are machine washable and easy to clean. Available in both light medium and heavy resistance.

Durable, anti-slip bands for lower body resistance training to increase difficulty 
Comfortable fabric that stays in place during training and won’t pinch or pull skin
Can be used to add resistance during warmup and stretching
Strong, durable fabric available in light, medium and heavy resistances 
Portable size, machine washable and easy to clean 
Bands measure 4’x13’