Hit-A-Way Select

Price: $99.99
SKU: 511

Designed to help improve batter’s timing, contact, and confidence at bat. The twist back ball and cable design can simulate real game pitches during practice or at home training.  The unique customizable design allows you to easily adjust the cable and ball position for different pitch locations. The trainer can also be used by both right or left-handed batters to improve swing timing and stride length to help develop a smoother swing. Featuring a two-piece durable center pole with removable legs, for easy breakdown, storage, and transportation to and from the field. 

Dynamic swing trainer improves timing, contact and confidence
Twist-back ball and cable design simulates real pitches
Two-piece durable center pole with removable legs, breaks down for easy storage and transportation
Recommended age range 13 and under
Includes carry bag and three large metal spikes