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  • Speedsac trainer with wasitband 
  • Side of speedsac trainer 
  • Close up of speedsac attachmeent to harness 
  • Inside view of weight inside speedsac bag 
  • Top view of speedsac 
  • Side of speedsac trainer 
  • Man using speedsac for training in gym 
  • Man adding weights into speedsac 

Build explosive leg drive and speed right of the blocks with the SpeedSac. This variable weight sled allows you to strengthen your lower body muscles by resistance training similar to metal sleds. With removable weights, the SpeedSac allows you to adjust the towing resistance. You can also use the handles on the bags to perform various upper and lower body exercises such as lunges or front raises.

Note: Only use on grass, turf or wood surface. Use on any other surface may damage and/or shorten the lifespan of the product. 

•Improve 40-yard dash times, overall speed and explosiveness

•Strengthen lower-body muscle groups

•Adjust weight options for variable weight resistance

•Includes 3 durable weight bags that can each be filled with up to 10 lbs of sand (30 lbs total)

•Adjustable leash length to accommodate athletes of any size