Soccer Trainer Pro

Price: $249.99
SKU: 235849

With its high-tension net, the Soccer Trainer Pro provides ground, driven, and lofted returns to help players master first touch, control, passing, and receiving. Adjust its setting and train at virtually any distance and speed with both feet to improve the technique found in elite players.


Master first touch, control, passing and receiving with game like ball returns – ground, driven or lofted 
Rapid tension net system and collapsible frame for easy setup and portability 
Unique frame design helps develop better training habits through more realistic on ground passing technique 
High tension rebounder can receive and return balls at game like distances and speeds 
Quickly adjust and set rebounder to any angle to train and develop specific skills across all positions including goal keeper
Extremely durable net and steel frame for seasons of use 
Weighted base allows rebounder to be used on turf and grass fields
Frame measure 6’ wide by 2.5’ tall