Fielding Trainer

Price: $129.99
SKU: 2960

The Fielding Trainer is designed to give your players the hit-like returns—grounders, line drives, and fly balls—they need to build the reactions, muscle memory, and glove skills that turn average defenders into all-star playmakers.


•Three game-like ball returns—grounders, line drives, and fly balls

•Settings switch easily for more dynamic training and practices

•Easy setup and breakdown for convenient travel and storage

The Fielding Training gives your players three distinct ball returns—grounders, line drives, and fly balls—with game-like speeds and action. It’s the one defensive trainer that truly does it all, giving players the reps they need to cut reaction times, build muscle memory and reduce errors.
Your players will go from fielding grounders to catching line drives and fly balls in an instant with the Fielding Trainer’s easy settings. This gives you the power to have more dynamic practices and coaching sessions or lets players practice multiple defensive plays on their own.
Designed for easy setup, takedown and storage, the Fielding Training is perfect for practices, one-on-one coaching, or using in the backyard. It truly is the one ball return that does it all, helping your players build their defensive skills and confidence.