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The AccuStick is the ideal addition to every post- or pre-training regimen. Its curves, corners and points were specifically designed to massage muscles and release pressure from any point on your body. The lightweight yet durable design makes it easily portable. 

•Recover faster with massage and trigger point release

•Target all muscle groups with curves, corners and points

•Lightweight and portable to use anywhere you train or play

One stick. Unlimited benefits.
The unique design and shape of this muscle roller stick gives you all the reach and leverage you need to release and massage any trigger point or pain point on your body. Now you won’t need to strain one muscle trying to release a knot from another.
Ready faster. Recover faster.
The curves, corners, and points on the massage stick allow you to get deep into the muscle tissues with precision, relieving pressure and giving your muscles instant relief.
Your new favorite training partner.
Incredibly lightweight yet durable, the AccuStick massager can go wherever your training or competition takes you. Perfect for before training or helping to speed up recovery after training, this massage stick will quickly become a mandatory part of your regimen.