Feeling tense post-workout? With some simple movements (and a new tool), you can ease tension, increase flexibility, and improve your performance. When working with our athletes at EXOS, our performance specialists rely heavily on recovery tools for both in season and offseason training. The AccuStick is a great tool that can assist in massaging hard-to-reach areas. The best part: it fits easily in your backpack or duffel bag. Here’s what you need to know.

Release tension in your shoulders and neck.

Start your routine by finding a trigger point in your trap. Apply pressure to the spot by holding the AccuStick with both hands and slowly turn your head to the right and left. Make sure to control your breathing to help relax the muscle. Use for 60 seconds on each side.

Massage your shins.

Hold the AccuStick at each end and slowly glide it up and down your shin. Make sure to stay on the muscle and avoid the bone. Apply enough pressure to feel tension, and control your breathing to keep the muscle relaxed. Use for 60 seconds on each shin.

Take care of your quads.

Hold the AccuStick at each end and slowly glide it up and down your upper thigh. Target the outside, middle, and inside of your muscle to help relieve tension from your knee. For more intensity, turn the AccuStick over and use the edge (see below). Use on each leg for 60 seconds.

Safeguard your shoulders.

After you train your upper body, especially the muscles used in movements like pushups, relieve tension in your pecs. Hold the AccuStick with one hand and place one of the ends on your chest. Apply pressure. Move your free arm from side to side. Use for 60 seconds on each pec.